Culture & values

At Enerfund,

the essence of our business is a combination of integrity, trust and mutual respect. Before embarking on any new endeavor, these three components must run parallel between our company and those with whom we work. It is from this ethical foundation we create and meet our goals for high reward and opportunity.

Enerfund has built a culture rich with creativity, determination, global vision and local insight. Across our offices, we work together on a common goal of pushing innovative companies forward, ensuring lasting positive changes will be made in the world’s most important industries.  


An unwavering devotion to moral principles is paramount to us. In everything we do, from the smaller, local scale, to the larger, global scale, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity, respect and dignity of colleagues and ourselves.  


At the core of any successful business endeavor and relationship is trust. At Enerfund, we pride ourselves in having built lasting relationships that are grounded on this very principle and we continue to do so with every new partnership. Each individual has a unique approach, along with various strengths and differences. With this said, a mutual trust, respect and openness will ensure that the overall shared goal will be attained in the most rewarding and valuable way. We work hard to always listen and respect the opinions of our employees and partners, working to align interests and push great ideas forward. Working with like-minded and ethical business people makes our entire enterprise worth every hard-working minute.

Mutual Respect

We attribute our success to discovering, supporting and valuing the individual strengths of all our employees. Every member of the Enerfund team is an integral part to our overall structure and goal. We respect all of our employees and treat them with complete fairness, understanding and honesty while bolstering their individual skills and passions. We do not accept any form of discrimination and are committed to providing equal opportunities across all aspects and departments of our company. The Enerfund environment is one of inspiration, enrichment and support and it is because of this that we attract motivated, highly skilled, passionate individuals to become part of our team. 

We also treat every individual in our partnering companies with the same understanding and respect. It is with an open mind and ethical foundation that groundbreaking goals are met.